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Get ready to Increase your sales! Join the T.U.N.E. Sale System and dive into live, weekly training with me, Tony Kurtulan. Don’t just learn, transform your sales game.

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Here’s What Is Included:

  • Live Weekly Training with Tony Kurtulan – $1600 Value
  • Digital copy of Tony’s books Million Dollar Sales T.U.N.E. Up
  • Access to T.U.N.E. Sales Academy, online training portal – $5,999 Value
  • Access to the Tony Kurtulan’s T.U.N.E.™ Sales System – Over 9 hours of on-demand Sales Training
  • On-Demand Online Training – Available 24/7
  • 100+ Pages of Downloadable Worksheets – with Live Links to more resources


8-Step Sales Process for Repeatable Sales Results 

Each Module has 

Learning Section

Taking Action Section

Top Challenges and Solutions


Tony’s Take – Key Takeaways

Learn a Real Sales Process for Repeatable Results

Step 1: Sales Strategy: Build a flexible Sales Strategy

Step 2: Qualifying Prospects: Build a great fit prospects list

Step 3: Cold Sales Outreach: Multichannel Sales Outreach: Cold Calling – Cold Social Selling- Cold Texting- Cold Emailing

Step 4: Tracking Sales KPIs: Is your Strategy Working?

Step 5: Making Sales Adjustments: What adjustments to make?

Step 6: Re-Engage: 12+ Touch Outreach Planning

Step 7: Appointment Setting: How to set appointments in professional sales

Step 8: Sales Presentations: How to connect with storytelling

3 Secret Sauces:

  1. P.U.S.H. Objection Handling Framework: How to handle sales objections with flexible and easy-to-use P.U.S.H. framework
  2. Asking Open-Ended Sales Questions: Dig deeper to really understand your prospects’ needs and emotional drivers.
  3. Power of Emotions in Decision Making: Embrace emotions Navigate the logic of sales deals

Why Tony Kurtulan? Why T.U.N.E.™ Online Sales Training?

  • Backed by 25+ years of professional sales experience
  • $200 Million Sold in multiple industries
  • Built, Owned and Operated multiple companies
  • Flexible Sales Process Framework – T.U.N.E.™ Sales System
  • 400,000+ Cold Calls Made
  • 4,000+ Appointments Set
  • Successfully Built and Lead Global Sales Teams